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The Wellness Angle


Yesenia French


Hello! My name is Yesenia; I am a nurse, an avid traveler, and a fur mom to my 14-year-old little one, Oddy. Although I have been a nurse for some years, I am seeking deeper fulfillment. 

I have found that teaching from the knowledge I’ve acquired through my education and experience holds value for others.  My goal in writing and sharing my works is to inspire you in all areas of your life, career, finance, health, and self. I am so excited to be here with you, I hope you find value in our journey. 


To educate and inspire others in making positive health changes


Nursing since 2016


Board Certified Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner


Empowering women, minorities, and anyone who wants to discuss all things health

French xoxo

girl holding a small dog with a red sweater

It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.


Where it all began

My parents immigrated to this country in search of a better life...

Growing up, I saw my parents work tirelessly to provide what they could for our family. Their sacrifices have always inspired me to strive for success. 

Through my experiences volunteering, I saw firsthand how healthcare professionals could make a difference in people’s lives, and I knew that was the path I wanted to take. Nursing was a natural calling for me, and my family was so proud when I was the first to graduate college.

Working as a nurse has made me realize...

How much the lack of education affects a person’s life and longevity. Furthermore, I have seen how poor health literacy can lead to poor decision making, ultimately leading to poor quality of life.

Over time, I have come to realize that my true calling is to change this education barrier. I am committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those around me through education and health promotion to help people live their best quality lives.



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